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Reflections on readings and prayers for Sept. 2

Thursday, September 2nd, 2010

I hope to begin to offer some quick reflections from reading the Daily Readings and praying the Divine Office.

Here are the readings for September 2, 2010

I was struck by both the first reading and the Gospel.  In the first reading, we are admonished not to rely on the wisdom of this world because in God’s eyes, it is folly. And how true that is! The more we immerse ourselves in God’s wisdom, the more foolish the world looks. The reading speaks of the vanity of the world’s wisdom and it’s true. There is no vanity in God’s wisdom, so evident in His Holy Word.

One of my favorite saints is St. Peter. He was so human, very flawed, but his heart was as big as the state of Texas! Today’s reading talks about how he sees himself as as truly is because he has seen God. Jesus asks him and the others to go out again to fish even though they fished all night and caught nothing. When they haul in a big catch, Peter suddenly realizes who he truly is with! Jesus had been teaching from his boat beforehand but perhaps the words didn’t sink in totally (although they did somewhat because he did agree to go out again). But now the reality really hit him – this Jesus was a holy man, perhaps even the Messiah! And he, Peter, who was he in the sight of God?

Peter was filled with the wisdom of God at this moment and was enlightened. I pray I can see that today too, and every day.