The scent of holiness

Have you ever met someone whose face lingers in your mind long after you’ve met them? I’ve been fortunate to meet such people recently, beginning with the lovely lady I bring communion to each week. She has the most beautiful scent of holiness about her. Each time we get together we share not only the Eucharist but stories, laughter and tears. I always walk away relishing the lingering scent of her holiness.

This past weekend, I had a similar experience. Rich and I attended the ordination of a classmate of his, Steve – he became a permanent deacon in the Melkite Church. His gentleness and sweet disposition, his joy at receiving this grace from God lingered with me long after we left.

At this same event, we connected with a deacon and his wife from Yonker’s NY, Saleem and Ayda. Saleem is deacon at Christ the Savior Melkite Catholic Church. We had met them the previous weekend at the deacon’s retreat. I had gotten to know Saleem a bit through a lovely conversation during that weekend. He was sweet and considerate yet strong and I sensed that he is a warrior for Christ. He was also the perfect gentleman and I liked being treated like a lady.

I didn’t have a chance to converse with Ayda until this past Sunday. We talked at length about the Christmas season and I marveled at how she was able to take control of that crazy time of year so she and her family could celebrate it authentically. The frantic pace of shopping and gift giving had been replaced by time spent in church and in prayer and through works of charity. I listened in awe as she spoke in her lovely soft voice.

And their scent of holiness lingered well after we parted for the day.

How I love meeting Christ through such beautiful vessels!

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